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- Calling Coachable And Hungry Entrepreneurs To Get Crazy Specific In 2019! -



March 30, 2019


Foundry Suites Hotel - Buffalo, NY


- Trim the Fat, Cut out the Fluff -

Guys! I need your help!

This workshop is designed to get right to beating heart of your business. This is not a motivational, feel good workshop to pump you up for 2019… but rather an intimate deep dive into how to transform your leadership and brand vision as a business owner to radical prosperity.

We firmly believe in serving our community and pouring out heart to change the game in business this year. So we’ve intentionally customized this experience to get tangible results! This is where you come in! The workshop starts as soon as you sign up… no waiting for the big day to start making getting transformational outcomes! You won’t be talked at all day, this is going to be a highly engaging and heavy participation work day. You have say in what we cover together!

Keep scrolling to get the skinny on how we’re going to do that!


- A Deep dive into the problem -


Does this sound like you?

• Do you secretly know your current pricing isn’t worth your true value and not confident in how to match your worth with your bank account?

• Do you come home at the end of the night after being “busy” all day without feeling productive and have energy for your family or your self care?

• Is fear keeping your finances under a glass ceiling of month to month stress in how you’re going to grow past your current income?

• Do you find yourself struggling with the right words to share your passion with dream clients without feeling like a used car salesman?

• Are you frustrated with clients who aren’t the perfect fit, draining your energy and creativity, without knowing how to say NO?

• Do you feel alone in your business, mentally drained from chasing half-hearted solutions without results?


- MAKING SHIFTs for the win -


Get Real! What does the solution look like in my business?

• You’ll find it easier to build relationships with clients that fuels your passions and energizes your productivity

• Planning vacations and days off will be easier to plan because you’ve mastered your work flow and delivery to clients, while saving time and money

• You’ll no longer find yourself aimlessly wandering through day to day tasks, waiting for the light to shine on your path. Every day is intentional towards your goals

• Fear over paying your bills will be a thing of the past and you’ll find yourself excited to invest in your business that actually multiplies your bank account

• You’ll finally be able to throw away the “fake it ‘til you make it” mentality and speak confidently in a way that commands the trust and financial investment from clients to grow your business


- How do I know this is right for me? -

This workshop is custom designed for creative service entrepreneurs, coaches, and designers… but that’s not all you need to know! We’re committed to serving you if:

  • First and foremost, you must value exceptional leadership in yourself and our team.

  • You’re fully committed to taking complete ownership over your own business.

  • You must be results-driven in everything you do in your business through intentional decision making.

  • You must whole-heartedly believe that your clients deserve the best possible results and are ready to serve from the heart.

  • You value the incredible benefits that comes sharing openly in the form of group coaching, even if it’s new to you.

  • And finally, you value the vulnerability and openness of fellow business owners and respect their privacy.

But what if I’m in it for myself, I’m never on time to anything, don’t value another’s time, and I talk over people?… Find a different rabbit hole to go down thank you!



Hosted By

Lydia Maybee

Owner at

Tribe Up North



March 30, 2019

9 AM - 5 PM

* Lunch is provided *



Foundry Suites Hotel

1738 Elmwood Ave

Buffalo, NY



The deep dive, scratch your head and think Tribe Up North Workbook

1 hour One-on-One Phone Mentor Session prior to workshop

Full Day Workshop (group coaching)

1 hour One-on-One Follow up Phone Mentor Session

5 Full Resolution Headshot Images (shot during workshop)

And SO much more!!

(like the best gift bag you’ve ever gotten!)

How much

You have two options for payment:

One time payment: $1500 (Save $250)

Or two time payments (one at booking and second one month before workshop): $875 + $875 = $1750

** Please note: All payments are 100% non-refundable. If you are unable to make it please contact me directly with an alternate business owner who fits the workshop criteria and is fully committed to taking your seat. I will make the transfer if it’s approved. It is with the intention of having complete integrity for all participants to maintain the structure and use of time to achieve the transformational results of the program.

Tugs on the heart strings to get moving for 2019? Click below and submit your application! Thank you!