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Our Step-By-Step Process

Our goal is to ensure that you have a clearly defined voice that aligns to your core values and attracts your dream clients. So let's take a look at how we accomplish that together!

First and foremost, our system and methods are deeply rooted in the belief that the success of our team lies in the growth and prosperity of our clients. We're dedicated to listening to your ideas and dreams for your wedding business and your lifestyle while defining a core value system that aligns with your quality of service. Your hard work has brought you this far and we believe it takes a team to secure a vision for your business that will help you fall in love with your business over and over again. 

Transparency and communication are essential tools in this process. This section is designed to provide you with an idea of what to expect for services offered along with timelines. Sometimes we book months in advance as we only take on a limited number clients to ensure the quality of your experience. We will spend quality time to identify your business needs, build a plan, construct the list of resources, and strategize the scope of work needed to accomplish your goals on time. Every design is unique to you and customizing the process ahead of time keeps us on track for deadlines. So... let's dive into what this looks like.



+ the 60 min BREAKTHROUGH call

This is our consultation! In order to meet your needs, I want to hear all about your wedding business and the passion that lies behind it. This is an opportunity to outline your very specific goals for bringing us into your business. Finding the right person for your team is vital to growth and success, so this is a great time to make that personal connection and ensure we’re committed to the best fit coaching program.

+ contract and commitment

As a coach, it's important to clearly understand your needs before orchestrating a plan of execution. Following our breakthrough call, a detailed contract is carefully customized and signed for your customized program. Now we get to work and we get you in the schedule for the workshop! 

+ the Tribe Up North Workshop

In the first two weeks of signing the contract, you’ll be provided the first building block to our program. An extensive and deep dive workbook that will be one of the most powerful tools in our working together. I highly value this time together and the intensity of the workbook reflects the importance of this part of our process. Before any work is started, we are going to define your branding voice and formulate our plan. We do this with a workbook along with a 3 hr one-on-one mentor session. This is where we dive deep into your why. The goal of this workbook is to help you establish your strategy, intent, and purpose as a business. It will build your confidence and establish ownership over the process of how you serve your clients. It will also formulate content that is extremely useful for website, marketing materials, business bios, and conversation mapping with your clients.

+ Coaching Intensive Training

Following the workshop, we’ll formulate a training module that includes 90 min mentoring sessions weekly for 3 months that includes one-on-one and occasionally group coaching. Coming into each session with a desired outcome means that there will be homework and a clear plan for the next session. The hot topics covered in this part of the program includes: Pricing your worth, conversation mapping (does the money conversation make you cringe? or does the consultation lead to non-enthusiastic clients that don’t fully value your service?), articulating your dream client that inspires and cancels those Sunday blues, social media strategy, creating language and copy that attracts the people you were put on this earth to serve, and so much more!

+ Brand identity development

Who’s excited?! Now that we have a rock solid place to work from in your business, we can map out the creative elements of your wedding brand that showcase your business. We get to work designing your in person and online presence that reflects your values and goals, getting to the heart of the problem you solve for your clients. The workshop has provided a foundation to accurately draft the design elements. You will be actively engaged (hello Pinterest!) in this section as we collaborate our ideas together to develop the first assets to be delivered. These assets may include brand photography, logo, squarespace website, color palette, mood board, typography, business card design, and a brand guide packaging to name a few. (Please note this process can take up to 3 additional months to complete)


Break out the bubbly! Once our hard work is completed, approved, and the brand assets are delivered to you, we set an official launch date and strategize a plan in announcing the new brand and website. Every business is different in the best approach in announcing your brand/website launch, so we will help customize what that looks like for you. Once all the planning is executed and the assets are delivered, we'll close out the contract in one last one-on-one session to make sure you know how to properly show off your brand story. 

Now that you get the idea, let's chat!

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