A longer Intro

High school always felt foreign to me. I was "on the fringes" as we call us folk who tend to be on the outskirts of the social circles. I saw value in relationships with all different walks of life. Growing up on the Cattauraugus Indian Reservation meant our family stuck out for being different because I was raised in a faith based home. It made me humble. Well that and having two brothers who made sure both feet stayed securely on the ground.

I was at a job completely ill fit to my passions before I realized that I was an entrepreneur at heart. After 14 years in the dental and oral surgery field, I started a photography business that specialized in outdoor adventure weddings. It took me places all over the world I couldn't have imagined and brought some of the most meaningful relationships into my life. After several mountain tops and an unforgettable season of travel, it was time to put a growing passion to work. The past few years of mentorship, giving and receiving, ensured I stayed hungry for the drive in bettering small businesses. Tribe Up North is my commitment to helping others grow and ensuring I don't lose sight of where my path has brought me.

In my free time you'll find me making photographs, traveling to non-touristy corners of the planet, or finding new places to break bread with friends (I'm a shameless foodie!). So feel free to drop a line and say hello! I'm always looking for a reason to order a chai latte!