How I Got Here


The feeling that you stepped into the middle of a conversation. Something bigger than you had already started. There is no scheduled ending but like a babbling river on a hot sunny day, you're invited to dive in.

This is how I've come to this new venture. I've been a wedding and brand photographer for 8 years. A visual diary. I shared so many stories and wrote my own along the way. I look at photos I took on a random day in 2015 and could tell you what I was dreaming about, afraid of, what I was falling in love with, and what I was unapologetically passionate about. The past three years of travel and adventure have dramatically changed my inside conversation. Something deeper and wiser than me was already out there. It didn't need me to see or hear it to validate it's realness. But oh, the sweetness of diving in.  

I stand in awe.