The Buffalo Collective

If we become like the 5 people we spend the most time with, I'm pretty excited! One of those 5 is my dear friend and go-to graphic/website designer, Christina Laing, of The Buffalo Collective. Her handcrafted and soulful designs are among my favorite in the industry. So when we discussed a weekend excursion to one of our favorite cities, Detroit, it was a no brainer! The Airbnb was booked, we fueled up, and found our way. Detroit is full of old and broken buildings filled with stories of what once was. We went to hear a few of them and brought our cameras. These are a few images from our travel diary that left us feeling sad to leave the city so soon. Be sure to check her out on the gram at @thebuffalocollective and leave some love!

Services: Brand Photo Session | Styling