Seed and Stone


I was 13 and taking piano lessons. My music teacher was from the Caygua tribe. He beaded beautiful works of art. Mom and I scheduled an afternoon and instead of dancing on his white grand piano we sat at a table with a vinyl tablecloth and he showed us how to thread bead by bead onto felt. We fell in love. We beaded everything we could get our hands on... Christmas bulbs, pens, hair clips, purses, etc. In payment, I cleaned his bead store. This was my first job.

Since then, the jewelry making has been in fits and starts as life takes its twist and turns. But I'm back! It's now a side business that provides a place to reconnect with creative memories with mom, who influenced me the most in life, and is also a place of Zen while my fingers work and the mind races to work out the current project I'm working on with Tribe Up North. 

The Seed and Stone name has recently been born out of a growing audience of awesome support and encouragement for sharing a sliver of my own culture. Here's a few recent designs of my passion in working with seed beading and semi-precious stones. Much much more to come!

Website coming soon!