Fern Croft Floral

Connecting with like minded artists is essential in staying passionate and committed to your craft. I have met several of these beautiful souls over the last several years. And Erin from Fern Croft Floral is one of the artists in this spirited community of Buffalo. Whether commissioned for home or events, Erin has a vision that has made her work set apart in her industry. Paying attention to detail in floral design is an art form that showcases an organic and fresh approach in serving her clients.

Before moving to her current location, I had the honor of sitting down with Erin and sharing our passions and hopes for the future. She is now committed to a beautiful studio in Buffalo where her simplistic and natural design can be appreciated by anyone who wants to get lost in a grand display of floral art. Here is a short visual story of her earlier work.

Services: Brand Photo Session | Styling